Tom Bisio – Daoist Meditation Online Learning Program

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Tom Bisio – Daoist Meditation Online Learning Program

The Most Complete Course on Daoist Meditation Available Online!

Daoist Meditation is based on ancient body-mind technologies that were discovered over 2,000 years by mountain hermits and Daoist Sages who lived in tune with natural forces. They developed methods of transcending the ordinary body and mind to supercharge the body’s energy and transform and purify the mind and spirit.

There are many methods of meditation, however Daoist Meditation is unique in its internal alchemical practices that transmute, purify, and replenish the energy systems of the body, while simultaneously transforming consciousness and spiritual awareness.

The eight lessons in the Daoist Meditation Online Learning Program take you step-by-step through eight interconnected methods of Daoist meditation.

Any one of these methods is worth the price of the entire course. You have access to Daoism’s most powerful meditation techniques – a lifetime of learning and practice in a single course.

  • Lesson 1: Kidney Breathing Meditation
  • Lesson 2: Sitting & Forgetting
  • Lesson 3: Meditation Postures & Mantras
  • Lesson 4: Microcosmic Orbit Meditation
  • Lesson 5: Golden Fluid Returning to Dan Tian
  • Lesson 6: True Breath Meditation
  • Lesson 7: Sleeping Meditation
  • Lesson 8: Sleeping Gong of the Daoist Immortals

Instructor Tom Bisio draws on his 40+ years of training in Daoist Mediation, Qi Gong, Chinese Medicine and Internal Martial Arts, guiding you through the program while providing detailed instruction on every aspect of Daoist Meditation.

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