Stewart Patton – Tax Savvy US Expat Entrepreneur

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Stewart Patton – Tax Savvy US Expat Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur: A complete tax and legal structuring solution to location-independent entrepreneurs

Living outside the US It’s a fantastic opportunity to own your own place and run it.-Independent business You can pay very little, or none at all.. However, it can be hard to understand and implement this opportunity.

The Jungle Grows Thicker

Start assembling your own place-The complications of running an independent business, whether you are an expat or a digital nomad in the United States, only increase.

All sorts of possibilities are now available. There are many things to consider:

  • Can I run my business from a non-profit organization?-US corporation?
  • If so, what’s the best jurisdiction in which to form my non-US corporation?
  • How do I create a non-profit organization?-US Without getting duped by a corporation
  • Can I still bank in this US?
  • How do I open an account? US Non-public bank account-US corporation?
  • What is the exact definition of “exact”? US This structure could have tax implications.
  • How can I set up a legal entity to manage my business?
  • What are the best ways to invest in retirement?
  • How do I report all of this to my US How do I return my tax?
  • Do I still need to pay the state tax?
  • What about the non-profit sector?-US tax?

The Paths Get More Treachorous

Let’s look at different ways to answer these questions.

The IRS is not able to provide any assistance. IRS Publication 54 doesn’t discuss which legal structures are best in particular situations, and of course the IRS can’t tell you how to form a non-US corporation. The IRS is silent All these issues.

Then, The internet is full unreliable yammering These are just a few of the many issues. There are so many layers of suppositions and contradictions that you won’t find the good bits of advice. It could take you hours to find them. You’ll be so fed up at that point that you wouldn’t recognize it.

Also, Crocodiles tend to be thicker and more meaner. In this area of the jungle. You will find all kinds of “offshore gurus” Fly-By-Night incorporation services will try to sell you something that is ineffective and unnecessary-Exorbitantly complex structure

Yes, I do have a set of services to help you locate your property.-Independent entrepreneurs, where I handle everything. But I’m extremely busy and I get new inquiries all the time, so I charge Several thousand dollars annually. Unfortunately, my services aren’t really accessible to many bootstrapped startups and early-Start a lifestyle business.

Better Way

That’s why I created the Tax-Savvy Expat Entrepreneur course.

My first online course. Tax-Savvy Expat Essentials shows you how tax rules can create the opportunity for you to own a property-Independent business that pays no or very low tax. Now, Entrepreneur How to do it? Profit from this opportunity to the fullest.

It’s not enough to just talk about tax rules. Entrepreneur Also available:

  1. You can find more information at Step-By-Step by step guide To create the best legal structure possible for your situation
  2. Direct links to the People and resources Your legal structure must be formed.
  3. The Actual legal documents It is important to have your legal structure in place.

You can also purchase Entrepreneur Includes A one-Consultation call for an hour. We’ll go over your particular situation and make sure you understand exactly how to move forward.

Entrepreneur It is possible to Complete actionable resource This book contains all the information you need to get your legal structure up-and-running in no time.

This course includes The same information I give my clients I have the same legal documents and resources that I use to do the job.

This course is for you:

Entrepreneur This site is for digital nomads or expat entrepreneurs who own and manage a location.-independent business.

You are the owner of a “location-independent business” when (i) you sell something oTher than your own time (such as other people’s time, physical or digital products, advertising space, or access to software) and (ii) you aren’t tied to an on-the-ground location in any given country.

Examples of common locations-The following are examples of independent businesses

  • Affiliate marketing
  • digital agency,
  • Web hosting
  • niche websites,
  • Advertisement-Businesses that offer internet publishing services (such a blog, podcast or YouTube channel)
  • SaaS/SwaS-based businesses
  • e-Commerce businesses, such as Amazon FBA drop-Shipping)
  • Traffic arbitrage.

Here’s a caveat: The legal structure that was discussed in Entrepreneur Businesses with a business license of a US-Based founders or those that use dependent agents or employees located in the US. However, it’s perfectly fine to use the services of a third party running their own business in the US.

Here’s how it works

Entrepreneur The following is the list of nine video lectures Slides that I have professionally created are the basis of my talks. Talks last approximately 1.5 hours. However, you can speed it up or down if you wish.

You have continuous, instant access to the entire course. This allows you to go back whenever you need help.

Each section has additional notes, which provide more information on each lecture and link to resources that will help you organize your structure.

Finally, the actual legal documents you need are attached right in the part of the course where they’re discussed and at the end (so you have Everything is easy to access when you’re done).

Table of contents

These are the nine lessons. Entrepreneur:

  • Course Overview
  • Tax-Savvy Expat Entrepreneur Structure
  • Tax-Savvy Expat Entrepreneur Structure
  • Tax-Savvy Expat Entrepreneur Operation: Structure
  • US Tax Consequences for Business Income
  • US Tax Consequences: Investment income
  • US Tax Accounting and reporting
  • State Tax Both Non-Profitable and Profitable-US Tax
  • Next Steps

Invest in yourself for success

You’ve spent time and money to figure out your business and increase your revenue, right? It’s even more important to plug tax leaks in your legal system.

It’s not just about the money you make, it’s about the money you keep. By legally keeping more money in your pockets, investing in the right legal structure will pay you a higher return each year.

Many of my students actually use the information they have learned. Entrepreneur To Save as much as $25,000 on your taxesEvery year.

Entrepreneur shows you:

How to reduce US federal income tax, US Self-Employment tax, state tax and non-U.S. tax;

How to choose the right legal structure for you;

The easy steps to create a legal structure-By-You will find the step-by-step guide as well as all legal documents and resources that you require.

This is how you can operate your business within this legal structure.

To add to the above, Purchase of Entrepreneur Includes a one-Consultation for an hour. You can use what you have learned in Entrepreneur Consider your specific situation and ensure you have the right tools to build your structure.

You will be able to build a legal structure that you can use year after year. legal US Tax savings.

And even beyond. Entrepreneur Really It pays off immediately. Here’s why:

  • you’ll save tons of time You can search the internet or talk to experts to find out all you need.
  • you’ll avoid the expensive and well-Marketing entity formation services-It is easy This course is completely free of charge Your first year.
  • you’ll save the lawyer fees required to create the legal documents mentioned in this course.

As an additional bonus, you can also purchase Entrepreneur Get it! Free access Both Essentials and Freelancer

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