Steve G, Jones – Explore Hand Writing

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Steve G, Jones – Explore Hand Writing

Consisting of Four Empowering Learning Modules, here’s a snapshot of what “Explore Handwriting” We will reveal:
  • Instant Interpretation – Learn to interpret anyone’s handwriting with a glance so quick they may not even notice that you are uncovering the truth about their entire being.
  • Key Focus Areas – Learn the things you should look out for in handwriting to give you instant reading.
  • Writing Revelations – Discover what a person’s handwriting reveals about them and their personality.
  • Real World Application – Use my powerful thinking tools to put this knowledge into practice in your business and personal life.
  • Letter Observation – Discover the difference between the ways that people form letters on paper and what it says about their personality.
  • The Signature Secret – Learn the secret power that a person’s signature says about them and how easy it is to interpret.
  • Writing Truths – Learn the truth about a person and, through their hand writing, discover if they are hiding something from you.
  • Relationship Revelations – Learn how just one stroke of the pen can tell you if the person you are married to wishes they were not.
  • Space Conservation – Learn the meaning behind how a person spaces the words they write and why it plays such a big role in how they make decisions.
  • Writing Pressure Interpretation – Discover the meaning behind how hard a person presses when they write and what it says about their stress levels.
  • Self Analysis – Analyse your handwriting to discover what it tells you about yourself.

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