Preetam Nath – Learn Programmatic SEO

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Preetam Nath – Learn Programmatic SEO

Learn Programmatic SEO is a methodical approach to finding keywords, understanding user intent and creating hundreds of landing pages. No prior SEO knowledge required.


This is Preetam, co-founder of DelightChat.

I spent years trying to decode how SEO works. The “expert” advice that I found on the internet was too complex for a complete beginner like me, and so I was forced to find my own path.

The result?

Growing search impressions for DelightChat from 600/mo to 240,000/mo in 90 days. And we’re just getting started!

Our story was covered in the Webflow blog. I’ve received dozens of Twitter DMs, Emails, and LinkedIn messages since the post was first shared 3 days ago. In fact, someone who is a prospective customer for DelightChat wanted to hire me as a consultant for their brands!

I figured that there’s value in my approach, and so I’ve decided to share it.

About the course

The total course material will be ~1.5 hours.

Why so short? My signature is zero fluff, only actionable advice. Cut the fluff and most courses would be this short.

Course outline

More case studies and real examples, less theory. That’s how I believe a lot of people learn best.

1. Basics of SEO: ‍Get up to speed with everything you need to know about SEO to get started, in 10 minutes tops.

2. Programmatic SEO framework: ‍The thinking process (aka creativity) that you need in order to apply this framework to your own business. This will be short.

3. AirBnB Case Study: ‍How AirBnB uses this framework to tailor their product to a global audience.

4. Zapier Case Study: ‍How Zapier found 25,000 landing page ideas and scaled to millions in search traffic.

5. Tripadvisor Case Study: ‍How Tripadvisor uses cuisine and location preferences to programmatically generate tens of thousands of landing pages.

6. Canva Case Study: ‍How Canva understands user intent to create hundreds landing pages for design templates that can be used with their tool.‍

7. B2C Ecommerce Case Study: A hypothetical case of growing a B2C Ecommerce business that sells Tea Leaves online.‍

8. B2B SaaS Case Study: ‍A hypothetical case of growing a B2B SaaS product that sells Podcast Hosting software.‍

9. B2C SaaS Case Study: A real-world case study of how two B2C SaaS products – Kapwing and – are growing their business using programmatic SEO.

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