Lion Goodman – The Belief Closet Cleanout

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Lion Goodman – The Belief Closet Cleanout

It would be amazing if you could get rid of all the clutter. “stuff” What is stopping you from living the life you want?

Imagine if you could have complete control over your emotions, perceptions, and responses to life.

What if you could change your experiences – even your circumstances – whenever you wanted?

This isn’t an exercise in imagination – it’s a real possibility.

But how?

With the BeliefCloset Process – an easy-To-learn, rapid and lasting way to change beliefs at the core of your psyche – you can finally get rid of those pesky blocks and barriers that keep getting in your way.

It’s as simple as changing your clothes to change your beliefs! ™

Many people say, “Your beliefs create your reality.” However, few tools can be used to alter your beliefs. Permanent. There’s a good reason…

Your beliefs are the basis of your perceptions and experiences. They are stored in your subconscious mind.

To move them, you must get. conscious access to what’s below your conscious mind. That isn’t easy. Until now.

“The BeliefCloset Process is like a magic wand – I can easily
and quickly change any aspect of myself by changing my beliefs.”

You were indoctrinated by your family, friends, and caregivers at an early age with thousands upon thousands of beliefs. These beliefs formed your worldview long before there was language. So they’re buried deep, in non-Verbal memories and experiences

They can be felt when you respond to someone or act in surprising ways. “Why did I say that? Why didn’t I follow through? What’s wrong with me?”

Good News: It’s Not Your Fault. You are the one to blame. Can Eliminate Detrimental Beliefs

There’s a simple explanation for why you react the way you do: Your subconscious beliefs got reactivated. Your adult mind, which is the part of your brain that decides what to do and how you should respond, was hijacked. These patterns can be changed if you’re willing to do some digging.

The majority believe-Some techniques for changing beliefs remove only the surface layer. Others use sophisticated verbal strategies to convince you. “your beliefs aren’t real.” This works for some time, but it doesn’t Permanent Remove the core belief from your subconscious mind.

Instead, they keep coming up again and again. The work you did on yourself didn’t seem to stick. The problem isn’t you – it’s the technique you employed.

For lasting positive change to occur, you must reach down and remove the weeds (your subconscious limiting beliefs). roots. If they do, they will grow back.

The BeliefCloset Process employs a completely different approach.

You will learn how to get down to your core and remove the belief from the subconscious mind. Then, it doesn’t come back. The old thoughts, doubts, and fears are gone – for good. Your life changes – easily and effortlessly.

The BeliefCloset Process eliminates negative emotions by dissolving emotional and somatic belief systems “anchors” You can’t hold on to your negative beliefs. As a result, you have more of the experiences you want, and fewer experiences you don’t want.

The The BeliefCloset Process can make your life easier.

“I now feel empowered and able to create the life I desire.
By changing my thinking, I can achieve my goals. I am no
No longer am I afraid of my limiting beliefs.
– M.M., International Business Consultant

This method will allow you to finally:

  • Removing resistance and barriers to your goals or projects will help you achieve them.
  • Get rid of the pain and suffering caused by the past
  • Open doors to new opportunities, and manifest your dreams and life’s purpose
  • Enjoy more fulfillment in your relationships
  • Attract more prosperity and abundance
  • Increase your energy and vitality – and as a result – your productivity!

Shift your beliefs to change your life

The BeliefCloset Process invites all aspects of you – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and creative – to work together to transform your psychological Set point – the inner structure of your personality that formed during your first years of life.

You can free yourself from negative core beliefs and create the life that you want.

If you’re ready to remove limitations that hold you back and live the life of your dreams, join us for this 7-Module program expertly led by Lion GoodmanCreator of the BeliefCloset Process!

One, seven-hour calls, you’ll uproot subconscious beliefs that have interfered with your success, happiness and personal freedom, as well as your optimal health and relationships.

You’ll examine and eliminate beliefs programmed into you about yourself, other people, the world, and your circumstances.

You’ll learn what you It is really believe about your body, your appearance, your health, aging and life – without the story you’ve been living out subconsciously.

Through this process, you’ll step FULLY into living as the radiant being you already are.

Most importantly, the practices and skills you learn can be applied throughout your life – in any arena. You’ll have a tool you can use to make changes in your inner or outer reality. This is true empowerment.

This valuable tool will improve your life in ways that you can’t imagine. It’s added ’extreme value’
My life is better. I feel calmer and have the confidence to continue growing and expanding my knowledge.
– C.T., Performance and Life Coach

“In one BeliefCloset Session, I felt a subtle but profound shift in how I relate to my kids.
It continues to enrich my ability to be fully present with them every day.”
– Jamee Tenzer, Life Coaching for Working Women

Important message from Lion Goodman…

Dear friend

You might have heard of the world.-Bruce Lipton, a well-known biologist, discusses how beliefs can impact your physiology as well as gene expression and the function of your cells. He explained that beliefs can interact with DNA and turn them on or off. This is scientific proof that beliefs have an impact on the physiology of you and your entire life.

After decades of studying human psychology (beginning with a BA degree in Consciousness Studies in 1975), I realized that the most powerful leverage point was this: If I could find a way to change subconscious beliefs, I could change my life – and the lives of others – profoundly.

After having studied many beliefs-After trying several different methods to change my beliefs, but finding them ineffective, I devised a dynamic way to permanently change my beliefs. It involves getting to the heart of your psyche and seeing where they live.

The BeliefCloset Process can be used to change any belief that is not serving you. – whether it’s impacting your relationships, financial condition, work, or any limitations you may be experiencing.

There are many people who say: “Just change your beliefs.” If it was that simple, everyone would do this. It takes the right technique.

The BeliefCloset Process lets you free yourself from negative beliefs and unlocks your potential to create the future you want. You engage your subconscious mind by putting it in a position that allows it remove old beliefs and accepts new, more empowering and productive beliefs.

You open the flow of your natural wellness – your natural magnificence – by transforming your reality one belief at a time.

Join me for seven modules of the deepest healing possible – the transformation of your old beliefs.

You will be more visible and you will have new opportunities to live the life you desire.

We are grateful

What You’ll Learn: Course Overview

Module 1: Clear your path to the life you really want

You’ll get your first in-depth experience with the BeliefCloset Process and find out how quickly you can delete any belief from your past – even ones that have been with you for decades. You’ll feel more open, empowered and free to control your beliefs and your life.

Module 1:

  • Find the subconscious beliefs that hold you back from achieving what you desire in life.
  • Discover how to reconnect to your True Self, the place of inner joy.
  • Begin to work with, not against, your subconscious mind – where your beliefs reside

Module 2: Clear your Path to Joy and Happiness

This session will help you to identify and fix the problems and issues that keep you from being happy and joyous. What beliefs do you hold about yourself? What beliefs do you hold about the world? You can see the world through your perceptions. “belief lens.” Your world is more a reflection of the color of your lens than what’s actually happening “out there.”

Do you believe in negative beliefs?

Module 2:

  • To get rid of negative feelings and uncover what beliefs are holding you back, use the BeliefCloset Process
  • Clear your path from old, limiting beliefs and experiences so you can enjoy life again – with a clear mind and an open, loving heart
  • Begin to see the world through a new clear lens that doesn’t filter out the beauty and joy

Module 3: Clear Your Way for Vibrant Healing, Health

In this session, you’ll focus on issues and problems in your health, whether physical, emotional mental, or spiritual. Many beliefs are ingrained in you that lead to poor health.

What beliefs do you hold about your body and what do they tell you? Your health? Your age Your health and healing ability? Your future?

Module 3 will show you:

  • Recognize old beliefs that are preventing you from living a healthy life and belief systems that can make you more susceptible to injury and disease.
  • Get rid of the old beliefs that lead to illness, bad habits and lifestyle stress.
  • With new beliefs, you can create the healthy, vibrant body that you envision.

Module 4: Clear Your Way for Abundance & Flow

In this session, you’ll focus on money, wealth and abundance – or the lack thereof! What do you believe about earning a living in today’s economy? Is money the root of all evil or just a convenient way to make a living?

If you want to experience true abundance, you first have to eliminate the belief that money is bad – or a problem.

Module 4 will teach you:

  • Take a look at your family’s beliefs and culture about money, work and poverty. “deservingness.” Are they influencing your financial situation?
  • Remove beliefs that create stumbling blocks in the way of your (and nature’s) natural abundance
  • New beliefs can help you create the wealth, money and resources you desire.

Module 5: Make sure you are clear about your path to job and career success

In this session, you’ll look into the reasons why you’re winning – or losing – at your business and career, whether you’re an entrepreneur, artist, professional or laborer.

What beliefs do you hold about your coworkers-What about your boss, customers, clients, boss, and employees? Your attitude toward other people reflects what you believe about them. Are they a burden? They are unwelcome, but necessary. What would you do if they suddenly became your beloved coworkers?-creators?

Module 5 will teach you:

  • Change your views about clients, colleagues and your work environment
  • Change your beliefs about your career or business and adopt new beliefs that will support joy, productivity, and satisfaction.
  • In your professional life, be a co-leader and recognize people.-Creaters of mutually successful people

Module 6: Clear your Path to Love and Healthy Relationships

In this session, you’ll examine your personal relationships. If you’re married, are you happy and secure? Are you anxious about the future? If you’re not in a relationship, what’s holding you back from finding your ideal mate?

Human animals are social creatures. We are social creatures. Must To survive, you must be able to relate to others. All of us want to be in a passionate and secure relationship. What lessons did your parents give you about intimate relationships and marriage?

Do you still have the same patterns as your childhood? Based on your experiences with Mom and Dad, are these patterns repeatable? This session will give you a fascinating insight into infant bonding, and how you relate with those closest to your heart through your beliefs about relationships. “ought to be.”

Module 6 will teach you:

  • Examine your childhood to see what helped you survive and thrive.
  • Find out which of your beliefs is interfering in your intimate relationships
  • It is easy to change these beliefs and transform relationships from difficult to loving, vibrant and joyful.

Module 7: Get rid of everything in your path!

In this final session, you’ll examine remaining issues or challenges in your life and learn how to use the BeliefCloset Process to eliminate them, one belief at a time, whether you know what the belief is or not!

You’ll learn additional techniques for eliminating uncomfortable sensations and feelings, opening up opportunities and creating “miracles” in your life easily – one by one.

Module 7 will show you:

  • Take a look at your life and identify any problems or interference. Then use the BeliefCloset microscope to see if you can remove negative core beliefs from where they are.
  • Learn to use the BeliefCloset Process on your own, anytime, so you can become the Captain of your fate – and your own experience – for the rest of your life
  • Find your True Self – the creator of your reality – and recognize it as the truth of who you really are

Bonus Session 1: How beliefs impact your ability to manifest
Anodea Judy, Ph.D.

Beliefs are one step along the path of manifestation – the path that leads you from where you are now to where you want to be. The Other steps are equally important. These include identifying your life purpose, visualizing it, communicating with others, and building a relationship with your dream.-Partners, bring passion and action to your path of manifestation.-By-Step one, to create your universe.

Join Lion He interviews Anodea Judy, world-Expert on the Chakra system. Lion’s co-Author of You can create on purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through The Chakras. Learn how the process of manifestation maps onto the ancient wisdom of the chakra system – your seven energy centers.

You will be:

  • Find out how you can use the downward flow energy through your chakras to pinpoint the root of your problems
  • To create the reality you want, learn how to shift them

Bonus Session 2: Love: What makes it so confusing?
Guest Faculty: Carista Luminare, Ph.D.

All of us want to love, but some things keep getting in our way. The partner we’ve got isn’t quite right for us, and the one we want isn’t available. What’s going on?

Join Lion He interviews Carista. Luminare Ph.D. The beginning of parenthood begins before conception co-creator of the True Self Way.-Luminary Leadership Institute founder, author of Are you confused about love? How to create a secure and passionate relationship.

Carista will share her latest research on childhood attachment, and how our early bonding patterns with our parents play out – again and again – in our adult relationships. “We’re confused about what love is, and how to love. We can’t seem to get out of those repeated loops where we hurt each other. The answers are all right here, in our neurology, our earliest programming and beliefs about love and how to get it.”

Learn how to determine your own (and your partner’s) attachment style, and practical techniques for healing old wounds and bringing passion and security back into your relationship.

Carista LuminareShe is a Ph.D. with more than 30 years of experience in the field of coaching, counseling, and consulting for executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals. Her extraordinary, inspirational life has been a blessing.-Participants can experience their True Self through changing programs. She has developed a comprehensive holistic parenting methodology, a financial program redefining security and wealth from the inside out, and LLI’s leading-Edge evolutionary leadership program. She graduated from Harvard University in Psychology & Social Relations in 1978. Her educational programs focus on the integration between the soul and personality.

Bonus #3: 5 belief systems that could be holding you back in living your life purpose
Audio Session Lion Goodman

This supplemental audio training is created by BeliefCloset Process creator Lion GoodmanYou will find out what beliefs are holding your back from living your life purpose, and reaching success. Lion We will guide you through five limiting beliefs (most people have one, two, or more). This will allow you to break free from the obstacles that keep you from living your purposeful life and let you give more of what you have to the world.

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