Kate Freeman – Heart Of Releasing – Masters for Daily Releasing

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Kate Freeman – Heart Of Releasing – Masters for Daily Releasing

Seven distinct recorded releases (8-You can use these 20 minutes to support your daily activities. These can be downloaded to your smartphone or other device. You can use them whenever you want.

Kate FreemanMaster Teacher and Founder Heart This is ReleasingThese are the leads Releasing gems.

Downloadable recordings are included with all releases.

  • Good morning – Clears out anything from dreams and gets you ready for A great start to your day.
  • Money – Helps you drop any blocks to having money, dealing with it, accepting it and allowing yourself to have more $$$.
  • Love – If you want a relationship, or a better one, or even just to clean up one from the past, this is the Release for you! Clear any confusion about love, loving, etc.
  • Health – If you have a health issue or have a story about a health issue, this is the one. You can let go of your worries, desires, and concerns about your health by releasing the feelings and stories you hold.
  • Problem – Got a problem? Do you want to let go of your problem? No matter what the problem, this one will help you. To allow problems to disappear, let go of all your emotions, desires, and stories.
  • Freedom – Want freedom? Accept everything that comes in your way. Relax in the Truth of Yourself and simply BE.
  • G’night! This Release can help you to clear any leftovers from the previous day so you can rest easily. Rest easy knowing that you have cleared away all leftovers of the day.



Kate Freeman Co-The founder of the Center for Releasing. She has been involved in facilitation. Releasing Coaching sessions, retreats, courses for It has been around 35 years.

Lester Levenson, her mentor, was a valuable teacher. Robert Adams, an American sage was also a treasured mentor. Their wisdom is an integral part her teaching.

Kate She is sensitive and knowledgeable in her interactions with clients. Sometimes, she facilitates life-changing shifts with the softness of a whisper.

Her goal is to reflect true presence so clients and students can feel safe and grounded, while they dive into the next challenge and let it go.

Kate’s ability to help them drop anything in the way of their pure Unlimitedness is profound. She organizes retreats, courses, and coaching around the world.

Kate She lives in Washington State, near her three beautiful children and many grandchildren. She loves spending time with her children and to kayak and hike in the beautiful Northwest.

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