Hans Hannula – The Face of God Course

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Hans Hannula – The Face of God Course

Reveals discovery of planetary pattern that shapes all market movements.

This is a fundamental discovery very useful to traders

May 30, 1995

Dear Trader,

I am writing you privately to alert you to a special opportunity. I have decided to share the crown jewel of my Market Astrophysics and Market Chaos research with a select few. Since you are a valued client, I am making this offer to you before advertising it widely. If enough of you respond, this product will never be advertised publicly. That is the way I prefer it to be – select, special, and secret. You have earned this opportunity by your past generous support of my work. I sincerely appreciate it, and thank you for it.

The crown jewel I speak of is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. After studying markets for 33 years, that’s saying a great deal. I think I’ve studied nearly everything. I have especially studied the link between markets and the solar energy system, and the chaotic behavior of markets. Over the years, I kept slogging through the foggy bog.

I’ve studied, theorized, programmed, tested, and traded, all to answer the question, “Why did that price go to that level at that time?” I teach a full body of original research in my $36,000 Master’s Course. Many of you have wanted to take it, but could never cross the price threshold. An alternative is at hand.

Over the years, my understanding of the dynamics of markets has brown considerably. A major breakthrough came with the discovery of the Hannula Market Fractal, the pattern of chaos that occurs in every move in every market. Many of your have taken my Cash In On Chaos course, and learned that pattern. I’ve enjoyed the positive feedback I have had about that course. But there is more beyond what I teach there. I have had several requests for a follow–on course. That is now at hand.

At the end of Cash In On Chaos, I give a section on Market AstroPhysics, and the solar energy system. I explain how that energy system drives the market systems, which then form the fractal output patterns. My research has focused on a complete understanding of that entire complex system, from input to output.

I have painstakingly tracked down the physical causes of the energy changes that formed hundreds of Hannula Market Fractals. I have done thousands of hours of research and programming of the mathematics behind those fractal formations. I have now studied over 500,000 one minute bars as they formed in the S&P. All this in relentless pursuit of a better, sharper, clearer understanding of markets.

I have learned much. Only to find there is more to learn. Sometimes I have gotten lost in the complexity. Many times, I have felt I was on an endless journey in the foggy bog.

Then one day, I looked up at my trading screen and saw THE FACE OF GOD. In a flash of insight that could only have been granted me by the Almighty, I saw the direct connection between the motion of prices and the universal energy system. It was so simple, so clear, so powerful that I am still in awe. I feel very blessed that I have been shown this pattern. Can you imagine what it feels like to see something awesome, realizing that you may be the first human every to see it?

No one, to my knowledge, has ever seen this before. I they have, they certainly have not shared it. I have only shared it with my family, and one special friend. We all find it extremely amazing.

If you place this pattern on a clear mylar sheet, then lay this sheet on a chart of prices, you can watch the F.O.G. pattern develop. Like watching a Polaroid. Just slide the pattern along as time unfolds. All the strange, quirky, quick, chaotic, and sometimes costly moves that markets make are given by this one pattern. This pattern relates all the fractal patterns together. It is the Father of all Fractals. For this is the casual pattern of creation itself. Once you see this, you will never think about anything the same again-yourself, the world, the universe, or the markets.

This pattern is the energy tempo of the universe. You were formed by it. Every market pattern is formed by it. With it, you can see creation happen, energy beans forming, and prices following those beams. You can see the invisible beams just like you can see germs with a microscope. You have to experience it to believe it. When you do, you will soon agree that this can only the THE FACE OF GOD.

W.D. Gann taught that all markets move in response to “vibrations”. Work by others since then has also shown that this is true. But the question is, “To what are they vibrating?” Is it something mysterious? Something simply mathematical? Or is it something real, something physical? Can it be seen? The answer given by F.O.G. is “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

This pattern holds the key to finding the vertical moves in markets. Those great ones. I just used it to catch the vertical drop in the currencies for my hotline clients. That one use was worth $5400 per contract in the Swiss Franc. With F.O.G. you will be able to anticipate such moves, in any market, anytime, forever.

This is truly a crown jewel! This one pattern ties together chaos theory, fractals, strange attractors, planetary motion, and price action together in one blinding flash of wisdom. It is simple, beautiful, and practical. F.O. G. works in any market, on any time scale. No math. No heavy lifting. Just an overlay, a chart, you and the FACE OF GOD. You will master it’s use in minutes. I guarantee it.

I have been told by my inner voice that I am to share this. My ego says not to share it at all. “Use it. Take the money. Run” There is no doubt that one can make money with it. So why share it?

Then my inner voice says, “You were sent here to teach, not just to hoard money. You need to leave some footprints on this earth.” Then I struggle. Go with my ego or my inner voice? How about a compromise?

The compromise I have come to is this:

I will, at this time, and for the foreseeable future, share this priceless gem with no more than 36 people of good character for a modest fee of $3600.

My special friend, who has mastered all of my $36,000 Master’s Course, tells me I am crazy. He says F.O.G. ranks with the discoveries of Newton, the famous genius who figured out the laws of gravity and motions of bodies. Now he tells me, “It’s more accurate to compare it to the discoveries of Copernicus”. Copernicus discovered that the planets revolved around the sun. I am flattered by the comparison. But back to price. My friend says FOG should go for a far greater price. My ego agrees. But the voice inside me keeps saying, “Share it – 36 people, $3600. Do it.” So that is what it will be.

I am presently packaging this material into a course. The course will consist of a text book, and a computer program to draw the FACE OF GOD. They will be serial numbered and autographed. Someday they will be collector’s items. You will need access to a copier to make the overlays. The course will be ready in mid June. I am taking reservations now. I will fill 36 orders on a first come, first serve basis. Those who pay first, get first. Enclose a check or credit card number and expiration date. I will hold them until shipment is made. Those who need payment terms, send $360 now to hold your place, and call me to arrange the terms. I want no barriers to your acceptance of this offer. Only your decision stands between you and THE FACE OF GOD.

This course is considered Trade Secret Material. That means it is covered by state, federal, and international laws. So it needs to be conveyed to you in a formal manner. A contract is enclosed. If you want to seize this opportunity, sign it, and mail it to me. A fax copy is OK to hold your place in the line of 36, but I do need the mailed original copy. Lawyers are funny that way.

That’s the opportunity. I have found the jewel at the end of my journey. It ends my research into what makes markets move. It is what I have sought for many years. I will be using this gift to my advantage now. You can do the same. I am willing to share it in a limited way. I assure you, F.O.G. is a rare discovery. This offer is rare. It is probably the one chance you will have to witness a truly great discovery, let alone profit by it. Time will not wait. The FACE OF GOD changes every moment, every day, and it may not produce this opportunity again. Act now and save all regrets.

Sincerely, with my best wishes, and blessings,


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